Founded by Sarah Garnett in 2003, The Footpath Library grew out of sorrow, a simple observation and the desire to make a difference.

Part-Time Staff

Sarah Garnett

Managing Director

Katrina Webb

Programs Manager Melbourne

Katrina enjoys helping others and believes that small things can make a big difference. She spent 10 years helping animals at the RSPCA before moving to Lentil As Anything, where food and conversation were tools that helped many people get back on their feet. Working alongside volunteers who cared so much was key to the enjoyment Katrina got from both roles. She loves to meet new people and believes that together we could end homelessness in Australia, starting with one book at a time.


Karen Murphy

Programs Manager Sydney

Karen has worked in the Not-For-Profit sector for over 20 years and loves the opportunities this sector provides to combine human connection and a solution focused approach. She is passionate about community development and the key part that a sense of belonging plays in our lives.

Karen also loves the many ways a book can be an escape, a lifeline, a connector or an AHA moment for somebody and loves that The Footpath Library makes this accessible to so many people.

Volunteer Staff

Shannon Morrow- Admin Support

Vincent Coles- Sydney Mobile (CBD) Library Manager