Peter FitzSimons

Peter FitzSimons is a former Wallaby, a best-selling author and a writer for The Sydney Morning Herald. He is the author of over 28 books – his latest is James Cook: The Story Behind the Man Who Mapped The World. Peter also holds the Guinness World Record for the longest interview, a record he shares with Richard Glover.


P. M. Newton (NSW)

“My earliest memories involve trips to the library, choosing books, holding whole worlds in my hands, turning the pages and disappearing into those worlds.
I’m proud to be an ambassador for The Footpath Library, a project that takes the library on a trip to the streets and puts the world into the hands of people experiencing homelessness.”

Emily Maguire (NSW)

“Books have given me great pleasure since I was old enough to turn pages, but it’s when things are really tough that I’ve learnt how essential they are. The comfort, wisdom, company and plain old distraction I’ve found in books has saved me over and over. I support The Footpath Library because I need to know that these spirit-boosting, hope-feeding life-savers are always available to those who need them most.”

Nick Earls (QLD)

“In my ideal world, everyone would have ready access to the books they might need or want to enhance their literacy skills and inform and entertain them. We don’t live in my ideal world, but The Footpath Library takes us a slab or two of pavement closer to it.”

Kate Holden (VIC)

“It’s hard when you’re homeless to keep possessions, and to lose my books when it was my turn was one of the greatest losses I felt. I was so miserable and frightened, and needed books to keep my sanity and my courage — and my vision of what a better life might be like. The Footpath Library is such a simple idea — and such a beautiful and enriching one.”

Jen Storer (VIC)

‘I was raised in a book-free household. My parents were loving people but saw no value in books. However, as is their wont books did manage to infiltrate my childhood. I am beyond grateful for those occasions. Books filled me with hope, wonder and a sense of possibility. Books gave me courage, too. They still do so. I’m honoured to be involved with The Footpath Library, to have the chance to share the life-affirming qualities of books.’

David Whish-Wilson (WA)

“I slept rough myself when I was young and broke and out-of-sorts and having taught in the prison system I’m aware how homelessness and disadvantage can be a trigger for incarceration. In both of those situations I’ve seen how books can not only bring about an escape into other worlds, but can also help bring into definition both a sharper sense of ourselves and of the world around us.”

Ken Spillman (WA)

“I see stories and worlds of the imagination as forms of sustenance, building resilience. For years now I’ve supported foundations that promote literacy and storytelling among socially and economically disadvantaged children in poorer nations, and I’m proud to be an Ambassador for The Footpath Library, which provides opportunities to marginalised people in my own country.”