Would you like to volunteer with The Footpath Library?

By generously giving your time, you’ll meet like-minded people, do something different and help create a safe and welcoming space for people experiencing homelessness.

Our mobile libraries in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth operate thanks to passionate people who want to make a difference. See where you can volunteer.

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Stories from the Streets

Here’s a story of two of our awesome volunteers in Melbourne.

On a Wednesday night, at Cleave Gardens in St Kilda, a stall is brimming with books. People flock there, hoping to find something to read, or simply to have a chat with the two volunteers who run it. But this isn’t any book stall; it’s a mobile library outreach program that gives free quality books to people experiencing homelessness.

Kate, together with workmate, Kimmi, wanted to volunteer. They both liked the idea of The Footpath Library.

“Living in St Kilda, I wanted to do something locally,” explains Kimmi. “I love the feeling of seeing a community come together.”

It’s not just books, but a variety of goods are there for people to sift through; reading glasses, beanies, scarves, pens and notepads. But books are the most popular and sought-after items. Kate believes it’s for a good reason, “Books act as a necessary form of escapism”.

“Most people who visit the library are going through difficult times,” says Kate. “Being able to discover their love of reading can help them feel connected to something outside their reality, to a story or an idea. Reading provides them an avenue to perhaps dream about a new world or deepen their understanding about topics that interest them.”

The Footpath Library is more than books, it’s an opportunity for people who are experiencing homelessness to feel connected to the people around them, as well as enjoy a good book.
“People just like to have a chat sometimes,’ says Kimmi. ‘They talk about their lives, what they believe in, they talk about stories they’ve read, what they’ve learned, and anything else that comes to mind.”

“We love meeting new people, and spending time together,’ explains Kate. ‘Through the library, it’s like we’re a conduit to provide, and share in, a sense of community.”

Community Fundraising

If you’d like to raise awareness and much-needed funds for The Footpath Library, then community fundraising is a great way to support us.

The best fundraising ideas are always the ones that are easy and fun. If you are enthusiastic about your fundraising activity, then your family, friends and colleagues will support and join you.

If you’d like to fundraise for us, just drop us an email to info@footpathlibrary.org and let us know what you’re planning.

Here’s some ideas about how you can pledge support:

  • It’s My Birthday!
  • We’re getting married!
  • We’re engaged!
  • In Memory of…
  • I’m making a difference
  • My New Year’s Resolution
  • I’m running/cycling/swimming/ to support…

Children and Schools

Fundraising is a wonderful way to combine learning and fun. Schools can get involved with The Footpath Library in so many ways, and here’s some ideas:

  • Cake and Bake Stall
  • Dress Up Day
  • Craft Stall
  • Book Week

Join an organised event
Use an organised sporting event as a fun way to raise funds and challenge yourself. There’s lots of events to choose from and here are some ideas:

  • City2Surf
  • Blackmore’s Running Festival
  • Sydney Harbour 5k and 10k
  • Tough Mudder
  • Spartan Race
  • Melbourne Marathon Festival