From Nomad to Narnia

Reading is one of life’s simple pleasures. There is nothing like getting lost in a book and becoming so immersed in a story that the characters start to become real. You become so involved it is almost like you are part of the story. It doesn’t matter where you read the book, this fictional little bubble seems to completely transport you into another place altogether.
At The Footpath Library we believe everyone should have the chance to experience the magic of reading. The gift of a book can give a homeless person a break from the anxiety of their situation and give them the opportunity to nourish their mind. They may be physically sitting in a shop doorway on a cold winter night but in their imagination, they are somewhere else.
Reading is something that many of us take for granted but seeing the happiness books bring really is something to cherish. Next time you are flicking through a book, take a moment to appreciate it. Savour the smell of the book and the feel of the pages as you leaf over them and remember the joy the gift of a book can bring.
If you would like to give the gift of a book to a Homeless person please donate via this link.