How you can help

There are many ways you can help us bring the gift of reading to homeless people.
By contributing to The Footpath Library, you will enable us to take food for the mind and soul to those who need it.


Donate money

Your donation can help encourage a homeless person to read – thank you for thinking of us …

The Footpath Library operations predominantly run thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers and kind donations from our supporters.

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The Footpath Library could not operate without the awesome support provided by our Volunteers.

In fact our book distribution operations, which stock around 130 hostel libraries, are predominantly run by 120 volunteers across four States: NSW, VIC, QLD and WA.

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Donate books

We also consider books as gifts for our customers and aim for the highest quality possible. Donated books must be in excellent condition. Think of the kind of book you’d give to your best friend or your mother to read. That is, almost brand new, something someone would be excited to receive and unwrap as a present.

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Donate services

Many of The Footpath Library’s needs are met by pro bono supporters.

If you are able to help with our wish list,  please get in touch.

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