Donate books

Get in touch with one of our Book Resource Managers to find out if books are needed in your state. And remember, we consider books as gifts for our customers and aim for the highest quality possible. Donated books must be in excellent condition. Think of the kind of book you’d give to your best friend or your mother to read.

That is, almost brand new, something someone would be excited to receive and unwrap as a present. Books that are missing pages, discoloured, smelly or have been sitting in storage for years are not suitable and have to be recycled which costs us money.

Follow these simple steps to donate:

1. Find out if books are needed in your area:

Please contact the  relevant Book Resource Manager for your state via the form located here. Sometimes, the generosity of our donors leads to our Warehouses being full. It is important we clear stock before accepting further donations, so please do get in touch to check. UNSOLICITED donations will not be accepted.

2. Follow the book donation guidelines below:

If our Book Resource Manager in your state approves your donation, follow the guidelines below to ensure appropriate material is donated. When inappropriate donations find their way to our warehouse, it costs valuable volunteer time and money to get rid of them. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

3. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter: 

Don’t forget to keep in touch to find out how your donation has helped our clients. You will also be updated on fundraising campaigns and other exciting projects The Footpath Library has planned.


Book donation guidelines

The Footpath Library accepts high-quality books in the following genres::

  • General and children’s fiction
  • Non-fiction, including dictionaries, simple cookbooks, parenting, and self help
  • National Geographic, Australian Geographic, motorcycle and car magazines.

Please note, our clients are surveyed about their book preferences. When we receive books that do not suit our clients’ needs, it costs us valuable resources to discard them. In view of this, and out of respect for our clients and supporters, please DO NOT donate the following:

  • True crime
  • Travel/wine/restaurant guides
  • Get-rich-quick/investment/ financial guides
  • Coffee table books
  • Home decorating, gardening, sewing, craft, fashion
  • Sport (unless biographies)
  • Any books with suicide, depression, or drug themes
  • Computer manuals
  • Text books of any description
  • Magazines, except National Geographic, Australian Geographic, motorbike and car
  • Encyclopaedias
  • Street directories
  • Religious material
  • Used crossword/puzzle books
  • Chick lit and romance
  • Diet books/magazines