Promise or Pay



It sounds a lot scarier than it is!

Promise or Pay is a fundraising website that inspires people to achieve their personal goals and, at the same time, raise much-needed donations for charity. Research shows the chance of achieving a goal increases 33% if it is shared with others and by 72% if money is put on the line. Promise or Pay has combined these two approaches to help participants stick to their goals by making them public and using charitable giving as an incentive. The Footpath Library is very excited to be one of the charities people can pledge to.

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Board member Rhoni Stokes is currently participating, promising to walk 30,000 steps per day – or the equivalent of what a person without a car or job might have walk to get to and from food, shelter and other services.

She chose to pledge to TFL because she supports the organisation’s simple mission to provide the ordinary pleasure of enjoying a good book to people living anything but an ordinary life, as well as creating an opportunity to strengthen literacy in Australia.
“As someone lucky enough to have all of the above, and a car and money for taxis and transport, I will never walk this much in a day. But I don’t mind failing as my pledge goes to TFL,” says Rhoni.

Whether she manages the 30,000 steps or not, Stokes intends on incorporating more walking into her lifestyle. From her experience, it’s a great way to see your city and meet the people TFL supports.

We thank Rhoni for her commitment to TFL. Make your promise today and help provide books to homeless people at